An Apology to Trust Your Perceptions

Hi Trust, I hope you’re reading this; I have a big apology for you.
You probably remember me from the facebook group ‘Radical Feminist’ Coffee House. When you published your latest article about the dangerous substances within sperm, the women in that group were upset when you mentioned that the lesbians’ and seperatists’ ideas to separate from men only benefited one generation: there own; and didn’t help in stopping patriarchy. This was in fact, very insightful of you to mention and it was something they did not care to hear out and immediately labeled it as ‘trashing’. When I should have stood up for you, I didn’t. I surcame to the conformity of the group, and I insulted you too. We were are so rude to you in fact, that you left facebook. I want to say right now that I’m terribly sorry for the anguish or pain this must have caused you. We ostracized you, treated you like an enemy, and never allowed you to have a voice. Bev had even said unfounded things about you that also influenced the group and helped justify cultish outbreak. And I’m so sorry and ashamed to have taken part in that.

I was terrified when you left, after I came to my senses; I thought I’d never get a chance to discuss with you. But hopefully that can change now, because you’re very brilliant and I’d love to further talk about your writings with you sometimes if it’s okay with you and you have the time. I am no longer associated with the ‘Radical Feminist’ Coffee House group. I recently left, about a month ago, after having (another) argument with Bev and company, which escalated to the point where I left. (I plan on writing a future post that goes into more discussion about such damaging groups, that aren’t even radical feminist at all)

My mindset has changed and grown, my awareness of true radical feminist politics has been heightened, along with my ethics towards women. I was influenced by that group into doing, saying, and learning a lot of unfeminist things, but thankfully I’m a different person now. And I hope you agree.
Trust, I sincerely apologize to you for insulting you, and for not supporting you when you needed it. I hope we can become really good acquaintances in the future.


2 thoughts on “An Apology to Trust Your Perceptions

  1. I swear to god that mysoginist lesbians like bev jo and co are just like handmaidens and funfems on a whole different color: They are, in a very twisted way, male identified, and most importantly they hate other women. The difference is that instead of seeing every woman in the world who isn’t themselves and “the bitches they tolerate” as competence, they see them as prey. And they get very very angry at you when you don’t allow them to hunt you down.

    When a woman doesn’t want them or calls them out on their destructives agendas, she suddenly becomes an enemy to battle and destroy. All of this reminds me a lot of the modus operandy of mras and other men organizations. It’s pretty disturbing that we have such enemies acting and pretending they are the greatest exponent of women’s liberation. Maybe is that the lesbians forums and spaces I’ve been in have been very toxic, but that’s the impression they generated to me.

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    1. Thank you for your comment; I completely agree. I plan on writing more posts regarding my experiences and perceptions of certain women who claim to be radical feminists or lesbian feminists and the damage they cause to other women.


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