An Apology to Trust Your Perceptions

Hi Trust, I hope you’re reading this; I have a big apology for you.
You probably remember me from the facebook group ‘Radical Feminist’ Coffee House. When you published your latest article about the dangerous substances within sperm, the women in that group were upset when you mentioned that the lesbians’ and seperatists’ ideas to separate from men only benefited one generation: there own; and didn’t help in stopping patriarchy. This was in fact, very insightful of you to mention and it was something they did not care to hear out and immediately labeled it as ‘trashing’. When I should have stood up for you, I didn’t. I surcame to the conformity of the group, and I insulted you too. We were are so rude to you in fact, that you left facebook. I want to say right now that I’m terribly sorry for the anguish or pain this must have caused you. We ostracized you, treated you like an enemy, and never allowed you to have a voice. Bev had even said unfounded things about you that also influenced the group and helped justify cultish outbreak. And I’m so sorry and ashamed to have taken part in that.

I was terrified when you left, after I came to my senses; I thought I’d never get a chance to discuss with you. But hopefully that can change now, because you’re very brilliant and I’d love to further talk about your writings with you sometimes if it’s okay with you and you have the time. I am no longer associated with the ‘Radical Feminist’ Coffee House group. I recently left, about a month ago, after having (another) argument with Bev and company, which escalated to the point where I left. (I plan on writing a future post that goes into more discussion about such damaging groups, that aren’t even radical feminist at all)

My mindset has changed and grown, my awareness of true radical feminist politics has been heightened, along with my ethics towards women. I was influenced by that group into doing, saying, and learning a lot of unfeminist things, but thankfully I’m a different person now. And I hope you agree.
Trust, I sincerely apologize to you for insulting you, and for not supporting you when you needed it. I hope we can become really good acquaintances in the future.


5 thoughts on “An Apology to Trust Your Perceptions

  1. i love sharing witch wind’s piece on radical lesbianism with women who have been bullied by radles calling themselves radfem. there was a young woman on tumblr who was basically being harassed for being bi and she was really hurt but felt better when i showed her that series.

    i used to follow trust your perceptions, i didnt even know she had kept writing after all this time. just finished the semen series and it was pretty awesome. i changed this account back to my radfem account and have a different multi-purpose one. that way i wont miss every precious bit of radfem blogging that’s still coming out these days. πŸ™‚

    glad i found your blog. i hope you keep writing.

    bev jo is a frigging bully, she has been convinced that i am a troll since 2012 and tries to make others believe that about me. i don’t like how she blames het and bi women. it just seems to be ignoring that piv is exploitative to women. and the butch oppression thing i think comes from the gender critical stuff about how people who are gender nonconforming are mistreated… its a very social constructionist view though and reminds me of sjw stuff in a lot of ways.


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  2. CM, I just now read this, (July 18, 2017) — and am deeply moved. I can’t tell you how much that whole thing caused me pain. I spent a year researching and writing that piece for the radical feminists I love, the radical feminists I have committed my life to, and get — beat up? As you said, I was only stating an evolutionary fact. I didn’t like that evolutionary fact either. But facts are facts. I don’t blame you at all, CM. In fact, I commend you for eventually seeing what was happening. Unfortunately, once someone starts talking false-shit about you online, your only recourse is to attack back. — I think unlike patriarchy, we should have ethics with each other, — so then you have to walk away from women lying about you when you were only trying to love them. Rough!.. Holy shit!..ROUGH!… I am sorry you had a bad experience in that group too, CM. I appreciated the essentialism of that group, but the sadistic totalitarianism you had to comply with or else get burned sorta ruined it. — I too watched women there be burned and said nothing because I knew it meant that I would then be burned. I watched it week after week after week. So many excellent women — real flesh and blood women with soul and heart and hope for women — were dragged to the pyre. Women who were never even given a chance to let us get to know them better. It got so you never knew if what was being said about them was true or not, so you distanced yourself from the burned one — so wrong! So I cannot blame you for what I also did, — and for what everyone in that group must do to stay there, — in order to have something radical feminist in this world to keep them from losing their minds — that is what the women who stay really want and need. — Until it is their turn to be dragged to the pyre. And then, — then: they are shocked… I am happy to hear you have grown. That’s the best thing that can come of all this.

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    1. Oh my gosh Trust, I can’t believe it’s you! Oh my gosh, you’re here!! I’m so thrilled you’re here! I read your comments just now and I’m so happy!! I’m so happy that you’re happy!! I’m so happy to finally be able to speak to you again! I’ve wanted to speak to you again for so long, all just to tell you how sorry I am! So so so, SO SO SO SORRY. I couldn’t be more sorry! It absolutely killed me to know, to think, that you were continuing to write your blog with the knowledge that, “all these women hate me, especially that CM person, why even continue?” MY GOD, did that kill me. To know that all of that horrible shit and abuse that we said, that I said, was still reeling in your mind. No doubt hurting/scarring you and stumbling you in terrible ways. And I’ve felt ashamed of myself. I thank THE STARS that you haven’t stopped writing. I’m so relieved and thankful you’re continuing to bring us your AMAZING and incredibly NEEDED work. I’m so so thankful that we never destroyed your yearning to write, to deliver the Truth, and most importantly I’m so thankful we never managed to destroy YOU. I’ve never been more thankful!
      Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, thank you SO much for your forgiveness, Trust. And for your understanding about how “gone” (incredibly deceived/misled/stupid) I was at the time. Indeed, I’ve grown a lot, I’m relieved that I did. (And I can’t wait to grow more) I could just hug you if I could!! LOVE to you too Trust!!! Love, love, love, LUV!!
      It’s an honor just to even be speaking to you!! I’ve been yearning to speak with radfems like You and Witchwind for so long now… Your insights have made the (patriarchal) world around me and inside me (evil male genes blocking my Godpower… 😑 ) suddenly make sense. You saved and enriched my life and my knowledge; all of you. That took courage, intelligence, and formidibility of an astounding level. Works like yours and Witchwind’s deserve to be in books, in halls, to be honored.
      You saved me from losing it in so many ways. I’m forever grateful to you… ❀ ❀ ❀

      I'm looking forward to hearing from you Trust! I know that you're a super-busy womyn and that you're continuing to put in the pain-staking research (research that's no doubt written in the common language of male bullshit-speak) to write for your next series of posts. I really really wish I could help. Even in the smallest way. Helping you with your research (if it's possible) would mean the world. Please let me know (via email if you prefer) if you EVER need my help or support; you've got it.

      (Okay, time for fangirling!) I LOVE your blog!!! (and You!! Squee!!!) πŸ˜€ Love, love, love it! Just the prospect of parthenogenesis is so exciting and fascinating! I caaan't wait for your next posts discussing that. Can't wait. Can't wait! Kameko, that mouse, is amazing. Dudes must be frightened out of their gords. I heard a guy in a conspiracy video flail about the fact that sperm is dwindling (It's the NWO!! Like, no dude, it's YOU) I had so many good damn laughs at Your (incredibly possible; heck I believe it!) theory that men are causing their own extinction………. from jacking off to porn. XD XD LOLZ Ahhh karma is sweet. SO sweet. It's the best cosmic joke ever. It's like, hey radfems? Let's let men keep their porn.. *evil smile* XD And reading and re-reading your series, Dudes Are Doomed, keeps the fire inside me brimming with hope, with pleasure, and happiness. It's wonderful! What a series! πŸ˜€
      I think you're absolutely right that radical feminists should look into biology for more insights and the basing of their theory-building off of. Not to mention reversing the reversals in regards to what we really are as Females. I can't wait to discuss more with you on this biological/essentialist radical feminist level, Trust. (Topics like the incredible, life-saving health potency of our urine/menstrual blood would help women a lot; I encourage you to look into Urine Therapy if you ever have the chance! But I'll definitely write about it) I hope more women will too. As You said, there's so much that's untapped, including our potential as women. The two female XX chromosomes are enough for me to ponder the idea if it implies that bonding and connecting with women/lesbianism is a natural biological component of women (that men stomp out when we're born). Radfem witches would find that incredible. Ahh, you've opened a whole new world for radical feminists Trust!! You're amazing! Your work, no question, will live on as one of the most important radical feminist works EVER. Women have needed this for so long now. Thank you!!
      Mad LOVE for you Trust!! ❀

      Please take care and be in good health! And for Goddess sake, if you haven't already, give yourself a spa day! You deserve it!

      With love,
      Your little Sister,


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  3. I swear to god that mysoginist lesbians like bev jo and co are just like handmaidens and funfems on a whole different color: They are, in a very twisted way, male identified, and most importantly they hate other women. The difference is that instead of seeing every woman in the world who isn’t themselves and “the bitches they tolerate” as competence, they see them as prey. And they get very very angry at you when you don’t allow them to hunt you down.

    When a woman doesn’t want them or calls them out on their destructives agendas, she suddenly becomes an enemy to battle and destroy. All of this reminds me a lot of the modus operandy of mras and other men organizations. It’s pretty disturbing that we have such enemies acting and pretending they are the greatest exponent of women’s liberation. Maybe is that the lesbians forums and spaces I’ve been in have been very toxic, but that’s the impression they generated to me.

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    1. Thank you for your comment; I completely agree. I plan on writing more posts regarding my experiences and perceptions of certain women who claim to be radical feminists or lesbian feminists and the damage they cause to other women.


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