A response to a video

I had written a response to a woman in a video that was posted in babyradfem’s youtube channel. I thought I’d share it since the women liked it! Here’s the video:

And my comment:

Thanks for this video, it’s great to hear another woman talking about the absurdity of the trans movement, and she brings a lot of great truths up (everyone going through a form of dysphoria or dissociation from society, especially when female). I myself have dealt with this from being both black and female, so I really relate to her story. Also, as a young radfem myself (21), I’d like to nicely point out that some young women aren’t stupid about this and have dealt with, and are familiar with, cruel aspects of the world and their society. And that both older and younger people can be irrational or unsupportive of women about the trans issue. Anyway, I’d love to acknowledge her plea for a conversation. There is certainly a way to deal with this issue, for everyone involved. Radical/lesbian feminists have given the answer years ago, and still do (I certainly do). We need to destroy patriarchy, that is, male domination. Gender, or sex roles, are a natural result of patriarchy: Women must be subordinate to men in order for men to have continued (sexual) access to them. Which also means stripping women of their own resources and economic equality to keep them dependent on men. Women’s subordination is enforced through physical or sexual violence or threat of violence. Which is usually achieved in girlhood and continues as she gets older and her body develops into that of an adult female, and men’s objectification of her body and the reality of her position in patriarchy really starts to set in. Women and girls quickly respond to this violence in an obvious need to survive. And women do so in different ways: Some women respond to the violence by adopting and learning passive mannerisms to neutralize men’s and future men’s aggression and complying to men’s non-threatening (to men and patriarchy) and harmful beauty and sexual standards that men demand from women; these are forms of disassociation. And since beauty and sexual standards are violent, men often mentally capture women by making them like the feeling of pain and abuse, or feel like it’s her fault for receiving it: “She’s asking for it… she deserved it”, or like the drug-like feeling of disassociation, which makes women even more trapped, because they cannot pin point or recognize what they are feeling towards their oppressors (fear) and confuse it with “love” or “attraction”; it’s a total mindfuck. Women/teen girls learn to absorb men’s standards of them since they realize that their worth and survival is tangent upon men’s approval and appeasement of them; especially since men deliberately do not give women economic equality and she cannot take care of herself or is in no position to and therefore must rely on a male (which leads to many cases of domestic abuse). Training women/girls into men’s physical, domestic, and sexual demands of them is made easier with these instruction manuals: Disney princess movies (with added non-existent prince charmings), barbie dolls, and easy-bake ovens for girls, and magazines, makeup tips, malestream media/movies (usually “romance”), and models for teens/women. Other women respond to the violence by disassociating themselves from the female role men create and from femaleness itself by adopting harmful masculine and misogynistic mannerisms and dress, so that now, they are within the oppressor class and can no longer be oppressed. Unfortunately, women like this may end up harming other women, just as men have harmed them; they reenact their trauma and pain on other female bodies. All of this sadly does nothing to help this woman recover from male violence, it just shoves it deeper into her system, instead of bringing it out and facing the reality of male violence and her oppression as a female head on. Some women simply reject the role and demands men give them, and reject men themselves by loving other women. The trans wave hits women hard, with its regressive and conservative notions of what makes a woman. It takes advantage of women by using their oppression against them. Women who wish to escape their oppression, who’ve ever yearned to escape her oppression by wishing she was male, or have disassociated from being female, or reject men’s female gender roles, are told from patriarchal society and the trans movement that they should transition, it’s sickening. Lesbians are told: “only men can love women so if you’re a lesbian who’s also rejected gender roles you must be a man”. The very patriarchal system that oppresses these women takes the form of the trans movement itself, falsely claiming to give women a solution to the trauma they’ve endured and survival strategies they’ve learned, from patriarchy itself. It’s devastatingly ironic. Indeed, women universally have wished they were men so they wouldn’t have to feel trapped in their female bodies, unable to escape men’s oppression, violence, dehumanization, or objectification; so they wouldn’t have to live surviving to even live at all. The solution is destroying patriarchy, not a trans agenda which is patriarchy in disguise It’s a male-identified regressive movement. And its goal is to erase women/lesbians who don’t or have not complied to patriarchy or have struggled to survive to/from patriarchy, make the word “woman” meaningless in order to erase women a a group and the reality of our oppression and subordination from men (only those of the oppressor class have the ability to erase another group for the purposes of maintaining access/control to them), to reassert sex roles for women/girls, and to destroy the major threat of female-only space and keep all space male space in order to maintain (sexual) access to women. It’s an anti-woman, patriarchy-reinforcing agenda, that, of course, MRA males support. The overall relationship women/girls have with men is simply stockholm syndrome or traumatic-bonding, and it’s a result of patriarchy. With patriarchy destroyed women would have no need for men, no need to survive by appeasing and pleasing men, would be free and independent, free to love other women, free spend time with women or be by themselves; it would be matriarchy; and no, women wouldn’t oppress men since women don’t require men for anything whatsoever and the only violence women do to men is self-defensive And to maintain patriarchy, men must be taught to be aggressive and entitled, wear non-objectifiable clothing (women wear clothing that identity them as the subordinate class) and trained to have entitled, demanding, authoritistic, misogynistic, “we are totes superior” attitudes towards women/girls. Men must be hardened, tough, and unfeeling for this shit to work, and to protect his future female from rival males. Being gay/weak/soft is not an option, it’s a threat to men maintaining up their system of dominance, which, if you haven’t guessed already, is completely unnatural. Since men have to force this on both boys/men and girls/women at all times. The solution to eliminating all forms of oppression, including, and especially, women’s oppression and sex/gender roles, is to eliminate patriarchy itself, a system based on inequality, suppression, dominance over another, and oppression.


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