message to trust your perceptions

Hi Trust, I wanted to give you another important message. I really feel sorry for my past behavior towards you, and I wanted to make it up to you and really make things right between us if i’ve done any damage. I’d like to connect with you, as a friend, to let you know I have your back and I support your amazing blog. If you’re okay with it, it would be wonderful to connect with you via email, that way I can properly apologize for my actions and really support you:


One thought on “message to trust your perceptions

  1. Yes, the abuse was truly fucked-up. We have abusers among us, who, no matter what they say, act out an s/m model on womxxn. YW are often drawn to these abusers because belonging matters too much, because they are afraid to stand up because it would mean being ostracized (this is actually a red flag), or because they have not yet lived through abuse by womxxn, and can’t identify that for what it is. Thank you for calling out to me. You will be hearing from me. And I am continuing to write. No one can stop that. In fact a piece should be coming out soon which celebrates the bravest feminist ever — that is my response to the cruelty and stupidity of condemnation — to celebrate another feminist,– with respect. LOVE to you Charlotte Moon.

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